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If you suspect your child has a delay or isn't reaching developmental milestones at an appropriate pace don't hesitate to research and talk to your doctor. Getting insurance coverage may take months since sometimes even getting doctor's/neurologist appointments take months. We offer competitive pricing for Private Pay ABA therapy so you are maximizing valuable time and receiving medically necessary services from a quality provider.


Become familiar with the next steps you should take. Many learners benefit from a variety of therapies including ABA, Speech, Occupational therapy, Physical Therapy, and even Feeding therapy. To get started most providers need a referral from a doctor or neurologist recommending the medically necessary service. This is then sent to your insurance for approval to get started using their coverage. 


Become familiar with resources in and out of your community for families who have gone through similar situations. Autism Speaks is a great resource for information on therapies, providers, and families sharing their experiences. They also have a free resource called the 100-day-kit for families with a Newly Diagnosed child to shed more light on the next steps to take.


Beware of PseudoScience and scams out there preying on those vulnerable looking for a cure. Always look for Evidence-Based Treatments (EBT's) as Best Practices. Evidence-based means enough Scientific Research has been conducted to support the effectiveness of this treatment. Similarly, become familiar with credentials involved in the therapy fields you are seeking and be sure the providers you work with have their certifications up to date. Knowledge is Power.

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ABA has been identified by the US Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association (APA) as the most effective treatment for individuals with Autism. Greater improvements and reduction of symptoms can be seen in individuals who receive ABA treatment early/young. Autism can now be identified in infancy in some cases but can regularly be identified by age 2. Again, be proactive if you see your child or a friend's child isn't reaching developmental milestones as they should. No matter if it makes you feel uncomfortable, be tactful, refer them here, there is a greater good and higher purpose involved.

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