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LimitLessMinds means LimitLess Opportunities

Here at LimitLessMinds, we believe in maximizing opportunities for all. ABA is an amazing science that can be applied to all aspects of life, including in our own. We believe in the power of fun, love, positive reinforcement, and the Power of ABA. Positions are available for all interested in ABA whether it's your first year in the field or your tenth and we will make sure that if you stick with us it will be fun and rewarding along the way.

Positions available:

Behavior Therapist seeking RBT credential- we can provide supervision in line with BACB guidelines, assist with completing the 40-hour course, assist with learning principles to pass the RBT Competency Assessment, assist with taking the RBT Competency Assessment with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, hands-on training in the field, training with seasoned therapists before getting your own case, complete in-house company training, test prep assistance for the RBT exam, and more!


RBT certified therapist- work with a great team and caring supervisors who will help your skills grow for the benefit of our clients' best life outcomes. Opportunity for BCBA supervision for the BACB website, continuous training opportunities to better master ABA principles and terminology and how they apply in everyday sessions and situations,  regular supervision by a CBA- Certified Behavior Analyst, competitive pay


CBA's- Certified Behavior Analysts- BCaBA's and BCBA-  opportunity to work in a close-knit, fun work setting. Involvement from seasoned Supervisors on challenging cases or behaviors using a data-driven and ABA centered LimitLessMinds Mindframe. Training on FBA's, Parent Training, and assessment tools as needed. Also, opportunities for Continued Education Units (CEU's) in a team setting.

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