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What is aba?

ABA is a science dedicated to teaching a LimitLess variety of skills to learners of all abilities, with or without a Diagnosis. We can target Language building/Speech, exercise/gross motor, handwriting/fine motor, social and play skills, and more. At LLM, we work to reduce problem behaviors by systematically arranging antecedents or consequences in the environment to teach replacement behaviors in a fun and functional way that lead to the same desired outcome as the problem behaviors. Over time, these “functionally equivalent” new behaviors come to replace the undesirable behaviors.

The most common example of this is learning functional communication skills to reduce ineffective behavioral attempts to communicate.

ABA is considered a best practice,  evidence-based treatment for Autism recommended by:

· US Surgeon General

· American Psychological Association


“Evidence-based” means that ABA has  significant, reputable, scientific research demonstrating its effectiveness and usefulness in reducing symptoms of Autism.

Given that Autism is characterized by difficulty in learning new skills needed for development, ABA methodology for teaching new skills can be applied to all learners needing specialized assistance with a variety of diagnosed or undiagnosed disorders and needs.

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